Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royal Saxon

545 Church St
Richmond, 3121

Once upon a time frequenting a pub in Richmond would mean drinking VB, in a dim interior choosing between the mixed grill & roast of the day. I am sure the sight of the Royal Saxon would have many a former workers cottage dweller rolling in their grave. Moscato on tap?

The Royal Saxon is one of the more recent gastro-pubs to open up as part of the ongoing gentrification of the Richmond pub scene. The fit out is light and spacious sharing many design cues as the forerunner to The Newmarket Hotel with a menu that is themed around the rustic Italian.

I was a bit doubtful, but several visits have never failed to impress. Thin crispy pizza's and generous pasta dishes show how Lygon St is just a culinary antique which is evidenced by what I would call my favourite pasta dish outside of Rome.

Fettuccine Toscana - rabbit braised in juniper berry, bay leaf & chianti

Despite the lengthy menu, recent visits have seen me returning to the fettuccine Toscana. This dish embodies rustic Italian - perfect ribbons of al dente fettuccine and a complex braise of rabbit that is lifted by the juniper berries. This is a dish worthy of travelling for and I doubt anyone who sets eyes on this seductive little dish would argue.

The Royal Saxon is a whole world away from Lygon St and cliched check tablecloths. Salut!

Royal Saxon - 14/20
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