Friday, August 19, 2011

Charlie and Co.

86-100 Market Street,
Westfield Sydney
Sydney, 2000

Spot the trend, tired run down establishment spends a bomb on renovation, relaunches with celebrity chef as a drawcard.

Star City isn't the only place in Sydney spending up on renovation, Westfield Centrepoint has spent around 1 Billion renovating and bringing with it big name stores like Prada, Chanel, Miu Miu and big celebrity chef's like Justin North.

One could almost call Level 5 in Sydney the North level with Becasse Restaurant, Becasse Bakery, Quarter 21 and Charlie and Co taking up a good percentage of the floor. Charlie and Co is Justin North's premium burger outlet named after the alleged inventor of the hamburger Charlie Nagreen.

The Federation Burger.
Seasoned Angus beef pattie with tomato relish, tomatoes, lettuce, aged cheddar, fried egg, bacon, sautéed onion and aioli.

There are options to eat in or out and there is a small licensed section so one can enjoy a burger the way they are meant to be, with a beer of course.

Now I am a bit sceptical of the gourmet burger restaurants, especially after my Grill'd experience. Fortunately Charlie and Co is a step above. The brioche buns baked in the Becasse bakery are outstanding and the meat is well seasoned. Almost every component is spot on, the only negative in my Federation burger was the egg which was cooked solid. I would have really enjoyed a bit of yolk runniness, perhaps they are risk averse to customers dripping egg yolk down their new Miu Miu outfit.

The Wagyu & Co. Burger.
Wagyu burger with beetroot relish, pickled gherkin, lettuce, aged cheddar and aioli on a sesame bun.

Sampling the Wagyu burger, there is a noticeable difference between the meat in this and the federation buger. I would say less seasoned and less chew more fat, either way I would be happy to go back for either.

Onion Rings

Of course a burger and beer also needs fries, we opted for the regular non-truffle fries which were hot, light and crispy, but these were outshone by the onion rings. The onion rings at Charlie and Co are perhaps the best I have had. The onion was cooked until sweet with a thin extra crispy shell.

So despite some initial skepticism, Charlie and Co is worth a look to satisfy a burger craving. Now if only I could get a table at Becasse as easily....

Charlie & Co - 4/5
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