Tuesday, February 22, 2011


190 Wells Street,
South Melbourne , 3205

Once upon a time I worked in South Melbourne. When I worked there many years ago there was a fantastic little cafe around the corner in Wells St that was always busy, well priced and served great food.

Years later, the same little cafe is still well priced, still produces great food and is still remarkably busy. The name of that cafe is Pekopeko.

Pekopeko is best described as a Tawianese inspired asian cafe, the interior is dark, warm and furnished with nice tables and chairs, not a hint of laminex! The walls are decorated with lots of interesting sketches produced by the owner and just has a comfortable feel. Not too busy, not too noisy and even when there is a queue of people at the door they don't try to rush you out the door when you have finished.


The menu revolves around their bento boxes, there are some non-bento options, however, at $12.50 a bento box it is hard to go past them. Being a while since my last visit, I went for the irresistible Pop Chicken bento box and the Taiwanese spring rolls as an entree.

The Spring rolls are great, nice juicy garlicy pork, vermicelli noodles wrapped in a crispy skin, what is there not to like except more?


The pop chicken bento would easily be their most ordered bento based upon my observations and it is easy to understand why. Juicy chicken, lightly coated in peppery batter and fried nice and crispy. It won't win a heart health tick even if it does come with a few token vegetables. The fried tofu also helps to break up the chicken extravaganza, but this is all about bite after bite of that pop chicken.

Pekopeko has certainly maintained a good level of consistency and I am yet to have a bad experience there. I will warn you, if you go for lunch get there early or be prepared to wait. I have never been there when there has not been a queue out the door, this should be enough testimony in itself.

Pekopeko comes with my highest of cafe recommendations to anyone that happens to be in the area and after a nice place to eat that is not part of the St Kilda rd foccacia and bain-marie brigade.

Pekopeko - Highly Recommended

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