Friday, March 4, 2011

Earl Canteen

Earl Canteen - If you were to believe the hype they have reinvented the sandwich.

Reality - Not quite, they serve up really nice food, my visit to Earl for a quick lunch was rewarded with a delicious piece of pork belly on a refreshing coleslaw. The pork belly was juicy and moist with perfect crackle. PERFECT

But as much as I enjoyed this delightful sandwich, at $13.50 it got me thinking. If you were to go to any decent restaurant, take a dish, halve it and wedge it between two slices of bread you have an Earl Canteen sandwich.

The menu reads like a restaurant menu served on bread instead of a plate.

Pork Belly - Crisp skin Otway pork belly, apple, cabbage & fennel coleslaw, wilted silverbeet, baguette

So this is the problem I have with Earl Canteen, the food is good, but is it twice as good as a typical sandwich? Almost.

At $13.50 though is it as good as a lot of sub $15-ish cook to order lunches? Almost

Earl Canteen is interesting, but I think I want to like it more than what I do. I'd certainly go back again if in the area, but wouldn't make a detour either.

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