Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Spice Road

27 McKillop St
Melbourne, 3000

Somehow Red Spice Road has managed to remain off my radar since opening a few years ago. It was suggested by a colleague that I should check it out and the crispy pork belly dish. Funny thing is, between the recommendation and eating there, it seemed like everyone I know has been there and also recommended the pork belly. Interesting.

L: Pork Belly with Apple Slaw, Chilli Caramel & Black Vinegar
R: Rockling Green Curry With Eggplants & Baby Corn

Upon arriving at Red Spice Road it all made a bit more sense. Red Spice Road is not a tiny operation, in fact I would estimate it sits around 200 covers in the lengthy premises. It seems like it is built to do group dining, but its sheer size and style does seem very un-Melbourne like. This would explain why it isn't revered amongst most bloggers out there, but also explains why just about every person I know has been there.

Food wise, Red Spice Road does well. The food is predominately Thai influenced but takes bits and pieces from other Asian cuisines as well. The much raved pork belly is crispy, tender and complimented well by the apple slaw. Other dishes tried such as the green curry and beef ribs also delivered safe but well executed, cleanly presented dishes.

If there are negatives, well it is noisy, very noisy and with the communal tables being rather wide to make the sharing plates easy to serve, conversation can be a challenge. The other negative is that it price wise it is competing with the likes of Spice Temple. As much as the pork belly is nice, it doesn't have the same return appeal as other similarly priced restaurants.

So Red Spice Road, I would easily recommend it as a venue for group bookings and would say it is worthy of checking out, however, if you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, perhaps Spice Temple is a better destination.

Red Spice Road - 12/20
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