Saturday, July 16, 2011


38 Toorak Road
South Yarra, 3141

It was a case of when, not if I got around to visiting LuxBite. Open for a mere 7 months, it has been hovering in the Urbanspoon top 10 almost since opening and is currently number 1.

The E.T.

Upon entering it is easy to see why it is so popular, while offering a few savoury dishes and an all day breakfast, LuxBite is all about dessert "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first" is the motto and they live by it.

Black Knight of Appetite

Motivation for my visit was a to enjoy some belated birthday cake. Growing up, my birthday cake of choice for several years was a chocolate blackforest cake so it was somehow fitting LuxBite had their take on it which is the Black Knight of Appetite. The cylinder of chocolate holds layers of kirsch soaked sponge, mousse and cherry and tastes as good as it looks, very good in fact.

My wife opted for the E.T. which is a very rich chocolate mousse with salted caramel and topped with popcorn. Totally decadent and went very well with their tea and coffee, in fact the coffee is superb with their short black being one of the best I have had in a while. The E.T. proved somewhat challenging to complete, the richness was eventually conquered but it would take a keen chocolate tolerance for most to complete on their own.

Of course last but not least are the macarons. Macarons have become almost an obsession in Melbourne to the point where sites are dedicated to rating Melbourne's top 20 macarons. LuxBite make it clear they are players in the macaron game with a range of at least 16 and can turn over several thousand in a day.

While I would like to say I enjoyed the macarons as much as the cakes, sadly I didn't. The filling was very good, but I found that they were a bit soft for my liking and didn't have the crispiness and chewiness I like in my perfect great macaron.

Overall LuxBite is a dessert lovers paradise and the buzz well and truly justified.

LuxBite - 4/5
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