Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chez Dre

(rear of) 285-287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne, 3205

Chez Dre typifies what I love about South Melbourne and the cafes that populate the streets of this suburb. Great food, fantastic coffee, no pretension. Essentially Northcote without the fixies.

Pain au chocolat & coffee

Barely open for 3 months, Chez Dre appears to have a winning formula. Excellent pastries, fantastic macarons and coffee that matches the best in the area courtesy of the beans from the Maling Room.

French Vanilla Macarons

My visit to Chez Dre was initially meant to be in and out to purchase some macarons as a birthday treat and suddenly temptation got the better of me. Before I knew it I was sitting with a coffee and a delightfully flaky pain au chocolat. In fact temptation is all around Chez Dre, the display of eclair, tarts and macarons are all simply begging to be eaten and the menu featuring classics such as croque monsiuer & madam could have one indulging in gluttony of Mr Creosote proportions.

Lime & basil, french vanilla, orange tonka bean macaron

Whilst I escaped without exploding, my sample of Chez Dre's delicacies was not complete. My cute little takeaway box of macarons were up there with the best I have had. The lime and basil macaron put forward a delicate blend of citrus and herbaceousness that worked very well, orange and tonka bean delivered a similar experience this time in a citrus and spice context. While both were good, the French vanilla was the star, light, crispy, creamy and chewy.

Blackcurrant chocolate mousse - to be tried on my next visit

If you haven't gathered by now, I am somewhat impressed with Chez Dre and will enjoy many return trips there. The biggest challenge will be what will I have next!

Chez Dre - 4/5
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