Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ta Wee Wan Thai

770 Hawthorn Rd
Brighton East, 3187

How does one review a restaurant like Ta Wee Wan Thai? A regular little Thai restaurant in the 'burbs? At times comparing how one is better or worse is like getting to the pointy end of an eye test, you find it hard to really differentiate.

Ta Wee Wan Thai in Hawthorn road does have some things going for it, the interior is less cliched than a lot of Thai restaurants around town. No pink neon lights here and it is also free from a daft name like "Thai me up" or "Kun Thai".

L: Golden Bags
R: Chicken Satay

Food wise it also has a few things going for it. Entrees were all good, the curry puffs in particular were nice and crispy with a great filling, not what I consider a traditional Thai dish, but good nonetheless.

L: Pad Thai
R: Spicy Lamb

This also continued in to the mains, while the Pad Thai noodles were a bit light on for meat, the spicy lamb stir fry and the Thai green curry were very good. Overall dishes were spot on, vegetables were firm but not raw, good balance of flavour and not too oily.

I'd happily go back, but wouldn't say it is worth crossing town for either. Safe bet if you are region and has a good atmosphere.

Ta Wee Wan Thai - 3.5/5
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