Friday, January 15, 2010

Araxi Restaurant & Bar

4222 Village Gate Square
Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

Araxi Restaurant & Bar came to my attention well before I arrived at Whistler since an executive chef position at Araxi was offered to the winner of Season 6 of Hell's Kitchen which I am a tragic fan of.

Before I arrived at Whistler I knew I had to at least pop in for quick bite to eat and see what it was like.

The fit out is nice, formal but relaxed and they cleverly have their restaurant with a seperate bar lounge that serves the same food, but in a bar layout with a TV playing ice hockey so you can dine and not miss out on the national past time.

Local Butternut Squash Soup
spiced creme fraiche and apple curry oil
amuse bouche

Despite making it clear to our waitress we were only going to have a few small plates, they still brought out bread and an amuse bouche which was a delightful butternut squash soup. The team here treat all diners as serious patrons, I respect that a lot.

Seared Foie Gras
Okanagan apple, pear, quince and cherry mostardo
smoked sea salt and toasted brioche

For my choice of small plate it was a no brainer, Seared Foie Gras! The place came with Brioche and an apple, pear & quince chutney to offset the richness. It was well plated and well presented, it was a lighter foie gras than I've had elsewhere but still delightful.

Wild Seafood Trio
seared albacore tuna, hamachi sashimi & salmon sashimi

My ski friend Tim went with the Wild Seafood Trio which came out on an overly elaborate plate, but despite the OTT presentation was in his opinion top grade Sashimi and based on the small piece I tried, I absolutely agree.

Since my foie gras mission was complete, we paid our bill and moved on satisfied. On the way out I saw the winner of Hell's Kitchen 6, Dave Levey. He looked well working behind the sushi bar and has recovered from his numerous Hell's Kitchen injuries. I had a brief chat with him and got a great pic of him with a cheesy grin!

Dave Levey - Winner of Hell's Kitchen 6

Araxi is a great place and would recommend it highly to anyone travelling to Whistler who wants a fine dining night out.

Araxi - 13/20 (based on limited dining)
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