Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grange (failure)

Armadale Cellars
813-817 High St
Armadale, VIC 3143

Along with food, I do appreciate my wine. I also appreciate my beer and whisky too.

Over the years I have managed to have a sample of almost all there is to offer, but one thing that I have yet to try and that is the "iconic" Penfolds Grange.

I have eyed off the '96 in my wine cellar a few times, but the ad for the Shiraz challenge at Armadale Cellars got my attention and a quick phone call and credit card number got me booked in.

The host of the challenge was owner Phil Hude who could talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles and provided an entertaining commentry as we blind tasted our way through 12 Shiraz.

I was able to pick/guess a few shiraz correctly, but did I pick the Grange? Nope! It was in the final bracket of 3 wines which were all good, but it didn't stand out at 5 times the price of the next most expensive shiraz, let alone 15 times the other. Nice red yes, worth $550 a bottle? better value elsewhere.

But I can say I have broken my Grange duck!

As for the night, I can definately recommend it, but don't get too excited over the Armadale Cellars dining experience which was a Boscastle pie + salad at the end of the tastings. They are nice pies, but not the unique dining experience I expected based on the ad.

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