Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miss Ladybird Cakes

256 McKinnon Rd 
McKinnon, VIC 3204

What the?? Imagine my surprise walking back to my car after a routine Saturday morning haircut to find a cake shop at the desolate end of McKinnon rd nestled amongst a retirement village, pokies pub, tool shops and mechanics.

The octopus cake in the window of the five day old Miss Ladybird Cupcakes managed to stop me in my tracks and command me to take a step inside.

Once inside I met the owner of this new venture, Gina Tubb, who took some time out to have a quick conversation. Gina has a ton of experience in various kitchens around town and has opened Miss Ladybird Cakes to go her own way with a cool and quirky cake shop.

My first sample was the Sprinkles cookie and Turkish Delight tart. Both were delicious, the cookie reminded me of the old Tic-Toc biscuits I had as a kid only more refined.

The Turkish Delight tart was also great, an impossibly rich, dense and moreish tart. The presentation was impeccable and managed to avoid being too sweet, I would try this again, however, there are so many other options to try.

Miss Ladybird Cupcakes? It is great to see such a cool place opening up in the area which means I can satisfy my cake craving without driving too far at all.

Sweet tooth win
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