Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Rating System - It's Epic

After some consideration, a new rating system for consistency has been introduced. Rather than rate based upon a numerical scale which is ambiguous, I've opted for a more efficient system where a rating is awarded based upon my overall experience consisting of level of service, quality of food and value for money at the time of my dining.

A restaurant or dish which approaches perfection then high jumps over it. Not even Charlie Sheen on his most "Winning" of days would be able to get near an Epic Win.

A winner punches above their weight and delivers beyond what the price point, location, or dish may offer. A win is worth going the extra mile for.

Plain as a milk arrowroot biscuit and as uninspiring as a white Toyota Camry. Not offensive and generally edible middle of the road is not going to excite - about as memorable as a drive through Rowville.

To fail, something or maybe everything is wrong. Lack of seasoning, cold, poor cooking or presentation could all be reasons to fail. Soggy fries? Automatic fail. Gritty spinach? That's a fail. Steak not cooked as ordered? Hell, that is a definite fail and bordering on epic.

Think HP Touchpad, think Jar Jar Binks, think New Coke and you get the picture of what makes up an Epic Fail. In this day and age one needs to work hard to achieve an Epic Fail, however, they exist. Anything receiving an Epic Fail should be avoided in case their failure is so epic it is actually contagious.

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