Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chili’s Too

Terminal 4
Los Angeles Airport

14 hours of flight time another 5 to go and a few hours to kill at LA airport are not a good combination.

This however was the scenario that led me to Chili’s at Terminal 3 of LAX.

Now for anyone travelling from Australia on QF93, you will have to wait to 10am before you can get off the breakfast menu. Considering it was 9:40 when I got there and it was about 2:40am back home I waited it out, however, one would have thought that an international airport would be more accommodating.

Anyway, with a chair at the bar and a beer in my hand the time moved quickly as I was talking to 3 other commuters at the bar and I could get my order in for the bacon burger.


This rather generous burger came out with fries and hit the spot perfectly, . If there is one thing the Americans do reasonably well it is the burger and this was no exception.

Service was very slow, and yes it is a chain but is certainly a better option than Burger King. I would go back again in the same predicament but would probably look elsewhere if I were out of the Terminal 3 confines.

Chili's Too – 3/5

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