Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cafe Vue II

Cafe Vue 401
St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, 3004

Well this is the first time I have done a re-review, however, one could argue that this is really more of an extension. The reason for this is that I finally got to Cafe Vue today for their menu du jour as opposed to their cafe menu.

The thoughts, feelings and sentiments are the same as the previous review so I won't re-hash here.

What I will say though is that the menu du jour takes the same principles and amplifies them. On this occasion it was the two course lunch and on a table of four we were basically left scratching our heads as to how it could be this good for this little. The menu du jour is a choice of 2 courses for $35 and 3 for $45 for lunch and each course has 4 choices.

The consensus was 2 courses main and desert which was unfortunate since I was really keen on the Foie Gras parfait, but another day I guess.

Braised beef cheek with confit potato

The main I ordered was the Braised beef cheek with confit potato, this was a rather large chunk of gelatinous pull apart beef, perfect for a mid winter lunch where the morning temperature was a chilly 3 degrees. Really, the beef was cooked perfectly and came with potato mash, confit potato, beets and Spinach. This by itself was almost worthy of $35.

Blood Orange Tart

Desert was the Blood Orange Tart which was a bit misleading, yes there was a tart crust, yes there was blood orange, but on top was the most rich and wonderful chocolate cream. Seriously this was almost the most chocolatey thing I have had.

The guests at the table were all in awe of their respective deserts and that is really a good thing, so on this re-review, the original cafe menu rating stands, however, the Menu du Jour ramps it up a notch. When all at the table are impressed and all want to come back to try what the others had you know it is a good thing indeeed.

Cafe Vue Menu du Jour - 14.5/20
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