Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shimbashi - Soba So Good

Shop 2, 54 Thomas Drive
Chevron Island QLD

Brisvegas, the lights, the surf...... the Soba?

I came across this place searching for restaurants in the Gold Coast, I was surprised to find that a bona fide Soba Master was operating on the tiny Chevron Island.

L: Edamame
R: Tempura Prawn

The Soba master, Yoshi Shibazaki, is one of only 50 recognised Soba masters and fortunately we made a booking as the small restaurant was full on what I would expected to be a quite Wednesday night. Amongst the patrons were several Japanese diners which is always a good sign.

We started with edamame and tempura prawns, both were well presented and the prawns were cooked perfectly with nice crispy batter and sweet prawn meat.

L: Tempura Noodle
R: Kamo Naan (Duck Soba)

The main course came out and lived up to my expectations. One of my fondest food memories of Japan were the noodle soups and the memories came back with a few sips of the soup. The soup had a great depth and viscosity to it, the soba noodles had an interesting texture with the buckwheat flour adding a pleasant coarseness to them. The duck meat was nice, pink and tender but was second fiddle to that broth.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Finishing the meal, the choice of deserts were green tea ice cream, green tea ice cream and green tea ice cream. Fortunately it was nice, creamy and had the unique bitter sweetness of green tea ice cream.

Soba So Good is that good and would recommend it highly.

Shimbashi - Soba So Good - 13/20
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