Monday, August 3, 2009

Yet another food blog.....

Just what the world needs, another food blog. So if I already recognise the fact that there is already an ample supply of amateur food writers, why add to them?

Well I guess answering my own question in the self interviewing style of Kevin Rudd, I guess it is because I have already half started this with some other blogs I have written over the year that are food blogs thinly disguised as travel!

Like most other blogs of this ilk, there will food reviews, some of my own cooking faves and general opinion.

Along with eating out, I am a big cooking program junkie that started off with Iron Chef and has included all manner of programs over the years, the title of my blog is a sanitised version of Gordon Ramsay's "F*** off out of my kitchen"

All very tragic, but my travels have seen me travel to the doors of 3 Iron Chefs (4 if you include Bobby Flay) and Gordon's New York Restaurant. Over time i'll add some retrospective reviews, but will kick off my first post over the next few days with a Best & Worst to date.

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